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We keep artists in the driver’s seat.

Welcome to ARTFIZZ, the online community of artists, buyers, sellers and lovers of art. Established with a view to shaking up the art market, we do things differently and by our own rules.

The Artfizz Manifesto


1. Keep it simple and easy

2. Remove barriers and create community

3. No market games or hard sells

4. Give back to artists

5. Love art!


The Artfizz Business Model

ARTFIZZ is a online art marketplace that allows you to buy directly from two sources: 1. artists-run exhibition spaces selling new work and 2. collectors reselling works from their collections.

We are breaking down the barriers put up by the elitist few, and sending a big, gilt edged invitation to everyone to sign up and be part of a platform that believes in a more transparent way. 

We are opening up the floor to all the amazing art lovers out there and inviting a lively and fun exchange of art, stories, images, opinions, facts, and ideas.  Comment on artworks that speak to you, ask sellers and artists questions, and make your own informed discoveries. Here the outsider is the new insider and artists are always the loudest voice in the conversation.

Fairness for artists is at the heart of everything we do. For centuries, artists have largely been excluded from the resale process and had limited control around the exhibition of their work, especially at the start of their careers. Founded on the belief that artists should always benefit from sales of their work, our model makes sure that a slice of the action is available to the artist whenever a piece of theirs is resold on our site. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. 

Think of it as a safe art-space – that’s finally freeing people to buy, sell or love art the way they want to.

Artfizz connects people to art and art to people.

It’s what we do.

Let us know if you have any more questions!

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