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Davi de Jesus do Nascimento

  • Title: Estudos decorpo-embarcação
  • medium: watercolor on paper in three parts
  • dimensions: 6 x 8 1/4 in. (15 x 21 cm) each
  • Year : 2020
  • Signed : yes
  • Selling mode : Incremental Bidding

Item condition: New


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About the artist

When he was born in the northern glow of Minas Gerais, Davi was named after his father, Davi de Jesus do Nascimento. He is a curimatá barranqueiro (name to describe people that are born alongside the São Francisco river) artist and a freelance writer. In his research “Watercourse”, Davi works collecting affections from the riverside ancestry and perceiving “quase-rivers” in the arid. He was raised within the frowners, fishermen and washerwomen community. The artist proposes the series of watercolors "Aguamento Barranqueiros" as a visual testimonies of the subjectivities and the imaginary that inhabit his riverside territory documenting and co-creating memories.


GINGA features new works by emerging BIPOC artists from across Brazil. “The presentation interrogates issues of race, gender, sexuality, and social class in postcolonial Brazil in an exploration of identity”, said curator Igi Lola Ayedun. “Artists in this exhibition draw from the wide spectrum of racial roots in Brazil. From painting to sculpture, whether through figurative or abstract techniques, through the logic of representation or expression, GINGA explores contemporary Brazilian identity through decolonial frameworks, including right of subjectivity; queer political thought; Black meta-community documentary; and heritage perseveration and projection.” The exhibition takes its name, GINGA, from the fundamental movement of capoeira, the Brazilian martial art practice of West African descent, in which the body rocks back and forth in constant motion to thwart attack.

Works in GINGA blur the boundaries of traditional media to constitute an “intermedia—as opposed to cross- media—relationship,” said Ayedun. The exhibition by the São Paulo-based network confronts the parameters within which Latinx art has traditionally been understood, explained Ayedun: “HOA is challenging the colonialist narrative that Latinx art must either trail superior Eurocentric identities, or belong to an exoticized avant-garde of rebels without a genuine cause.”

Fizz Checklist

  • Artist Name: Davi de Jesus do Nascimento
  • Follow: @@nasceumdavi
  • Shipping From: São Paulo, Brazil
  • Certificate of authenticity: Yes

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  1. Art Genius

    So poetic and beautiful. At first I didn’t get it and then…

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