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Jiří Kovanda

  • Title: I Divide Them 3/77
  • medium: Graphite, magazine page, marker and graph paper
  • dimensions: 16 1/2 x 12 in. (42 x 29.3cm)
  • year : 1977
  • signed : Inscribed and dated 'ROZDELIL JSEM JE... S94 3/77' (lower centre)
  • selling mode : Incremental Bidding

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About the artist

Jiří Kovanda was born in 1953 in Prague, where he still lives and works. Kovanda is one of the most respected Czech artists in recent times. Creating actions and installations in Prague’s public spaces, Kovanda was one of the few Czech action artists to work outdoors in the urban environment following the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact troops. Most of the country’s progressive artists had gone underground, to the privacy of ateliers and small groups of friends, or created art in rural settings, out of the sight of the watchful eyes of state security, their agents,and informants. Against a backdrop of political repression, Kovanda demonstrated his resistance through simple actions that he recorded on camera. In the streets of a city under constant surveillance, he enacted barely perceptible yet disruptive gestures that were illegal under Soviet rule.

Fizz Checklist

  • Artist Name: Jiří Kovanda
  • Purchased From: Andrew Kreps Gallery
  • Shipping From: Detroit, MI, United States

Artwork Report

  • Damage: No
  • Color Fading: No
  • Frame: It has the original/artist frame

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