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Adriana Farmiga

Adriana Farmiga- Most of US | 07.20.21 - 07.20.22



Adriana Farmiga

Artfizz curator since:

July 2021

Most of US

Most of US is a series of roughly fifty 7 x 9 in. still life oil-on-panel paintings, completed between 2017-2021.

Installed like a Proustian sentence of chunky postcards, these works run along the gallery walls in gradients of blue, recalling water and/or horizon lines. The blue expanse is punctuated with forms rendered in bright colors and textures which, upon closer look reveal their likenesses to the terrazzo -patterned foam padding found under domestic carpeting.

Since 2016, I, like many, felt a disruption in the matrix of our collective psyche, and began a durational project of studying, ripping, tearing, and cutting geographical outlines from memory out of this underlayment material, used ubiquitously to hold the memory of our bodies as we walk through domestic American landscapes. Given the limitations of my own memory and that of the material I was working with, some bear a faint resemblance, while others betray the “assist” of a Sharpie (which in the latter’s instance, makes a nod to the practice of red-lining or gerrymandering). The result, a series of drifting shapes of unbodied states, tracks a personal psychogeography- as a generous and fluid space that’s ripe for collective reflection and discovery.

The transitory nature of form-where painting can be sculpture can be drawing can be installation- is central to my practice. These states, both known geographies as well as interstitial conditions of being, are in constant flux, awash in endless time that meters everyday life. It’s a cross country road trip for our modern times, which drew to an intentional close with the 2021 US Presidential Inauguration. In Most of US, shapes of states, counties and regions shift into signposts, and invite the viewer to consider an expansive space of liminality, community, and ultimately, what shapes us as individuals.

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