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Chase Wilson

basement lake-house | 07.21.21 - 09.28.21



Chase Wilson

Artfizz curator since:

July 2021

basement lake-house

I have put here newly an old group of watercolors from late 2019 that I got excited to look at.
‘basement lake-house'(2019) is a 32 painting group of still lives and interiors. My interest here was in the hysterical breath/breadth of the romantic subject position.  Collage here ‘closes’ the surface, and disrupts the pictorial space. The group works out within a binary mood scenario of ‘anxiety red/depression paynes grey’. The ‘figure’ or ‘human’ in  ‘figurative painting’ is taken up here as a negative and as a positive simultaneously. There is a chaos of spatial layering within these (predominantly) table-top still-lives that brings up something like a screen, or an image of layering in thinking: ‘a medieval tapestry for 3-d glasses’ is what Adam Higgins called the project.

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