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Tiger Strikes Asteroid

More Than The Sum | 07.19.21 - 09.30.21



Tiger Strikes Asteroid

Artfizz curator since:

July 2021

More Than The Sum

More than the sum brings together artists from across the Tiger Strikes Asteroid network that are using repetition as a generative process for creating new connections and relationships. Collectively these artists use, repeat, and break structures as ways to create and imagine new worlds and possibilities. This show is a visual introduction to the spirit and structure of TSA. We seek to build an ethos of cooperative achievement in the visual arts, creating the physical and emotional space for artists to show their work and exchange ideas on their own terms.Through a model of horizontal, rather than vertical growth, we are trying to rethink the way an arts institution can work, providing more space and opportunities rather than consolidating time and resources into a single space or vision. We want to create a true network of artists, a dynamic exchange of ideas between cities and an enriched dialogue at each space.

Featuring work by: Holly Cahill, Zehra Khan, Susan Klein, Samantha Mitchell, Alex Paik, and Sun You. Organized by Alex Paik.

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