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Ernesto Caivano

Nocturnes & Ocular Moons | 07.20.21 - 09.23.21



Ernesto Caivano

Artfizz curator since:

March 2021

Nocturnes & Ocular Moons - Piercing the Night Skin

Piercing the Night Skin

“He beholds the darksome psyche as a star-strewn night sky, whose planets and fixed constellations represent the archetypes in all their luminosity and numinosity.  The starry vault of heaven is in truth the open book of cosmic projection…” ~Carl Jung, CW 8, The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche, Page 195, Para 392.

Continuing work on the specific series Nocturnes & Ocular Moons, these drawings explore psychological dynamics of the heavens and geological processes as contemplative fields. Currently, the ongoing series has over forty drawings, builds a collection exploring the relationship of imagined constellations, celestial manifestations and ocular phenomena. Each is a “considering,” which etymologically meant in ancient Greece to sit with stars and see the whole cosmos. The drawings act as a logos, but also give night an iris to gaze back at us; hence, Ocular Moons. Night is both object and window. In the drawings I try to balance the illusion of looking at and looking into a night sky, space, and mind.

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