Listing Requirements - Artfizz
        • Title
        • Year
        • Medium: what is it made of exactly?
        • Dimensions: height x width x depth (in. or cm)
        • Artists must have current gallery representation
        • Image: we’ll need one great (high-res) image of the front of the artwork, but the more the better
        • Signature: location? on the reverse, bottom right… and detail photograph
        • Auction Reserve or Buy it Now price: we suggest 30-40% below the work’s current retail estimate
        • Retail Estimate: our members know the market…
        • Framed or unframed?
        • Logistics: where will artwork ship from? Any customs or import details we should know of?
        • Ownership: proof that you own the work
        • Provenance: artist, gallery, dealer or auction house from which the work was purchased, as well as information on any previous owners, or sales.
        • Artist biography (maximum 200 words)
        • Description of the artwork’s current condition and detail images of any condition issues
        • Certificate of Authenticity: (PDF) signed by artist and issued by the artist’s gallery or studio. Works with a bonafide certificate are more likely to sell. These will not be displayed on the site.
        • Professional Condition Report: highly recommended for artworks valued over $50,000 — it helps members buy with confidence! These will not be displayed on the site. 
        • Edition of artwork: size and number
        • Exhibition history
        • Publication history
        • 1 x professional image of whole artwork from front (essential)
        • 1 x full image of the back of the artwork (essential)
        • 1 x image detail of the signature if there is one (essential)
        • Detailed images of any condition issues (essential)
        • Details of any labels, stamps, text, on the back of the artwork (recommended)
        • Any images of the artwork installed in an exhibition (recommended)
        • Use white backgrounds and remove any clutter
        • Turn off the flash and use soft and diffused lighting
        • ​Keep your phone steady and tap the screen to focus
        • Take high-res photos ​so the artwork looks good on all screens
        • No filters necessary​! The colors the artist chose only please


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